Free 1 Skein Patterns – Day 2

I made it back for day two!

That may not seem like a big deal but really it is. When you suffer from depression and anxiety sometimes following through on things can be difficult. A task that was easy yesterday might seem too big or too much of a bother today.  I have committed myself to one pattern each weekday for the month of November and will do my best to follow through. 

So today’s pattern is a shopping bag. I know there are a lot of them out there to choose from and many are similar to mine, this is just my version. I love the ombré yarn for this because it takes an old style and makes it modern. 

Sadie wanted her turn but alas she was too small to show the bag properly 😂

Materials needed for this pattern

  • Worsted Weight Yarn, 1 Skein. ( I used red heart super saver ombré in the colour deep teal, this yarn comes in a bigger Skein so I only used about the amount in a Skein of Red Heart super saver)
  • 6mm crochet hook (J/10 for Americans)
  • Scissors
  • Yarn Needle to weave in ends
  • Stitch Marker (can be Bobby Pin or Scrap Yarn)

Skills needed to complet this pattern

  • Chain Stitch (ch)
  • Double Crochet Stitch (dc)
  • Skip a Stitch (sk)
  • Slip Stitch (ss)


One Skein Gift Two – shopping Bag


Row 1 – 12 dc in first ch, ss to first dc, ch1

Row 2 – 2 dc in every dc around (24), ss to first dc, ch1

Row 3 – 1 dc in same stitch as ch1, 2 dc next Stitch continue alternating 1 dc and 2 dc around (36) ss to first dc, ch1

Row 4 – 1 dc in same stitch as ss and 1 dc in next stitch, 2 dc in next stitch (so you are doing 2 dc in separate stitches and then two in the same stitch, a sequence of 1,1,2). Keep doing this all around (54), ss to first dc, ch1

Row 5 will be 3 dc in separate stitches followed by 2 dc in the same stitch so a sequence of 1,1,1,2. Ss, ch1 (68)

Row 6 will be 4 dc in separate stitches followed by two in the same so a sequence of 1,1,1,1,2, ss, ch1 (84)

Row 7 to row 23 – dc in same stitch as ss, ch 1, skip 1 Stitch, dc in next, so doe this row and the next 16 rows you will be doing (dc,ch1,sk1). When you get to the end of this row don’t ss. You will dc into the ch1 space from the previous row. Mark this dc so you can count your rows. When you get back to your marked stitch simply move the marker up or add another right above it. If you add another it will be easy to count your rows!

Now we will even out the top by doing an Hdc in the next stitch, then an sc in the next and finally a ss. 

Row 24 – ch 1 and dc into the same stitch as the ss, skip over the ch 1 space and dc into the next dc. Continue this all around the bag, skipping all ch1 spaces and dc into all dc’s (42) * note you want to end up with an even number of dc’s On this round so that your handles will work out evenly. 

Row 25 to row 28 -Dc into same stitch as ss and into each stitch around. 

Now a little math. Don’t worry, I promise you can do it.

Divide your number of stitches I half 


Count 21 from your ch1 and Mark that stitch. Now count 4 on either side of you marked stitch and mark those also. Do the same for your marked ch1.

Row 29 – Dc into same stitch as your ch 1 and into the next 3 stitches. So yes you are going to dc into your marked stitches.

Ch 30 and skip to your next marked stitch. This is a stitch increase to make your bag handles a bit longer.

Dc into the first marked stitch and all stitches to the last marker (7)

Ch 30 again and skip until the next marked stitch. Dc in the next 3 and ss to the first dc of this row, ch1 

Row 30 – Dc into same stitch and each stitch around. This means that you will be crocheting into the chains. Ss to first dc, ch1 

Row 31 – dc into same stitch as ss and each stitch around. Sc, ch1, cut yarn and pull it through your ch1. 

Weave in all your yarn ends. 

Congratulations you are done with your new shopping bag 😁

Close up of the stitch pattern, double crochet, chain 1, skip 1. 

Have a great day from Tracy K. 

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