Faux Burlap Ruffle Wreath – Free 1 Skein Crochet Pattern Day 5

Before I get to the pattern I want to tell you all something. Over the past week something has changed in the way I think about blogging. Now you may be saying but Tracy your blog is only a week old. That’s true but I have been blogging for over 10 years now. 

My current digital scrapbooking blog is here: Atelier Tracy K and befor that one I had a very successful digital scrapbook freebie blog which I gave up because my young family needed me. 

Now that the kids are mostly grown (12, 15, 17 and 23) I really want to contribute monetarily again but it’s still important that me to be at home. I mean let’s face it folks, teens need as much or more parental guidance as younger kids. Steering them away from drugs and violence and teaching them the skills they need to know to survive is an important job. Still there are times I feel guilty for being at home. 

So many women have very successful careers and are still amazing and committed moms. I doubt myself and beat myself up. Most recently though I have decided that it’s ok to be home. The kids and I discussed me getting a job outside the home and they hated the idea of me not being there. So my commitment to a free pattern every weekday in November 2018 was born out of my need to feel relevant and alive. The alive part is a whole other story that I will share over time. 

Thanks so much for joining me on my crochet journey. I am so happy to be part of yours!

Also I used less than a dollar to decorate this wreath!  The berries, pine cone and pine sprig are from a dollar store garland that was a total of $2 but there are 5 more feet of decorations for me to plunder off of it. The little snow globe is a Gift Tag that was in a pack of 16 for $1.50. 

 Faux Burlap Ruffle Wreath

This project again uses something that would otherwise have been thrown away to create something new. I used an orphan plastic lid (a lid which mysteriously has no container to go onto) and I feel like the lid is smiling because it has a new purpose in life. 😂😂

Choose any orphaned lid for your base. 
 Cut out the center. 
Tape edges to cover the sharp bits and allow yarn to slide. 
Tie yarn securely to lid then chain 1 and single crochet all around the lid. 

You can use any lid you want but keep in mind that A) the bigger the lid, the more yarn needed and B) you need to be able to cut our the middle easily. 

You Will Need

  1. Plastic Lid which otherwise would be thrown out
  2. Yarn of your choice
  3. Crochet Hook recommended for your yarn or whichever hook you prefer
  4. Scissors
  5. Sand paper
  6. Masking tape or any tape that will help your yarn slide over the cut edge of your plastic. 
  7. Yarn Needle
  8. Any embellishments you want to add to your wreath. 
  9. A smile and a few minutes to indulge your love of crochet

Skills Needed

  1. Ability to cut through the plastic lid (please, please be carful here!  Plastic can be sharp and scissors can slip) 
  2. Ability to sand down the sharp edge of the plastic
  3. Ability to put tape around the edges of the cut lid
  4. Ability to tie the yarn to the lid

Crochet Skills Needed

  1. Single Crochet (sc)
  2. Double Crochet (dc)
  3. Slip Stitch (ss)
  4. Chain Stitch (ch)


  1. Gather your supplies
  2. Cut out the center of the lid.  How thick you leave your lid is up to you. I let the ridges already existing on my lid be my guide. You want the lid to be strong enough to hold up to you crocheting around it but not so thick that crocheting is difficult
  3. Sand the edges of the plastic to make them a little less sharp 
  4. Put masking tape over the cut edges. No need to make it look nice because it will be covered completely. 
  5. Tie yarn securely to your lid 
  6. Pull up a loop and ch1
  7. Single crochet around you lid. You want to slide your stitches over and scrunch them together so that you are completely covering the plastic. For this step keep in mind that the more densely you scrunch them together, the more yarn you will use on your next step. So if you are concerned about using too much yarn, just scrunch so the plastic covered but stitches are still relatively loose. Also burlap wreaths tend to be random and messy so don’t worry if your single Crochets look a bit messy as you get the hang of this. 
  8. Slip Stitch to first single crochet
  9. Put 3 double crochet in each stitch around
  10. Slip Stitch to first double crochet
  11. Now decorate your new wreath however your heart desires!

You will notice in the pictures that there are some with the ruffles all even and the same looking and some where I pulled the ruffles outwards and towards the centre for a more full look. As with everything handmade, the beauty of this pattern is, it’s up to you!

Have a great day from Tracy K. 

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4 thoughts on “Faux Burlap Ruffle Wreath – Free 1 Skein Crochet Pattern Day 5”

  1. I enjoyed your simple, clear instructions (I only can do basic crochet stitches, so this is great!). Bad joke brought to mind by your lid. What is the perfect murder instrument? A Tupperware lid because it can never be found!

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