Free Crochet Pattern – Day 4

I think I need to change the name of the series to Free 1 Skein or Less Crochet Patterns 😂

My First Christmas Ornament Pattern

Today I have a cute little wreath pattern to share with you and it uses a piece of toilet paper tube as it’s base. So bonus points for upcycling something at the same time. 

Today’s pictures aren’t the best and I apologize for that. I don’t have a really cute hook to hand things on yet and when I tried to take pictures with the wreath laying down I couldn’t find a background I liked. 

Upcycled Wreath Ornament

Materials needed

Toilet paper roll

Yarn of your choice

Crochet hook to match the yarn




Gold Thread or thread of your choice

Scissors or rotary cutter


Cutting surface

Skills Needed

Ability to cut straight

Ability to tie a knot 

Ability to glue

Crochet Skills Needed

Chain Stitch (ch)

Single Crochet (sc)

Double Crochet (dc)

Slip Stitch (ss)


  1. flatten your toilet paper roll
  2. Mark off 1/4 inch sections (I just find it easier to use imperial measurements for this, if using metric it would be approx. 6mm)
  3. Cut at 1/4 inch sections
  4. Gently tie your yarn to one section. Be gentle so you do t crush the cardboard. 
  5. Pull up a loop and ch1 
  6. sc in multiples of 5 until your cardboard is covered. I did 35 sc using worsted Weight yarn and a 6mm/J10 hook. It can be a bit crowded, this will only add to the wreath look 😁
  7. ss to first sc
  8. sk second stitch
  9. 5 dc in 3rd stitch
  10. ask next stitch
  11. ss in next
  12. sk next
  13. 5 dc in next
  14. Continue around
  15. ss to ss at base of first dc
  16. Ch10
  17. ss in same spot you just did a ss
  18. Cut yarn about 6 inches long
  19. Wind yarn around base of loop
  20. Weave in your ends
  21. Choose beads or buttons or whatever ornaments you like and hot glue or sew them to your wreath (I was lazy and used hot glue)
  22. Have fun creating more and more with all your scrap yarn. 

Have a great day from Tracy K.

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