Free Crochet Pattern – Faux Burlap Ruffle

Photo taken outside in an attempt to be artistic. 

Faux Burlap Edging for Anything

Guys I love today’s pattern. If you don’t want to jazz up a hand towel or facecloth you can add this edging to anything. I recommend end sewing it onto something that will be washed and dried but glue is great for a basket or anything else.  You may be asking why I chose to crochet instead of just using burlap. Well yarn is washable and will probably still look new in 10 years when the towels are all worn out. 

Materials Needed

  1. Something to decorate
  2. Yarn of your choice
  3. Contrast colour yarn if you want to add the picot edge
  4. Crochet hook to match yarn
  5. Yarn needle to sew in ends
  6. Thread that matches yarn
  7. Needle for thread
  8. Sewing pins

Skills Needed 

  1. Chain Stitch (ch)
  2. Double Crochet (dc)
  3. Single Crochet (sc)
  4. Slip Stitch (ss)
  5. Ability to thread a sewing needle
  6. Ability to hand-sew (even if you’ve never seen before, just go for it!)


  1. Chain as long as the item you are attaching the ruffle to 
  2. Row 1 – Sc in second ch from hook and across ch1 turn
  3. Row 2 – 4dc in each stitch across ch1 cut yarn and pull through ch1 to lock it in place, weave in ends. 
  4. Row 3 – use your crochet hook to pull yarn through first stitch then tie yarn on. Pull up a loop and ch1, sc then ch3 in the same stitch,ss to to the same stitch (this creates your picot, if you don’t understand this step I encourage you to google “crochet picot stitch” there are so many videos online that will help), ss to next stitch, sc, ch3, ss all in the next stitch. Continue this sequence to the end of your piece. Ch1, cut yarn and pull through to lock in the stitches. 
  5. Thread sewing needle with matching thread. I like to double it and then tie a knot at the bottom. This helps with strength. 
  6. Pin edging too item you are putting it on. Pay attention to the orientation of the ruffle as compared to the orientation of the item. For example I sewed my ruffle so that when the towel hangs on a towel rack, the ruffle will hang too. 
  7. Sew along the edge. You can sew it on any way you want to. * If you don’t want to sew the edging on, you can glue it with washable fabric glue but it will be much stiffer than it will be if you sew it. 
  8. Admire your new Farmhouse Style Item! And it’s completely washable which it wouldn’t be of you added real burlap or even many types of ribbon. 

I hope you will have as much fun with this as I did. 


Have a great day from Tracy K.

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