Free Christmas Ornament Crochet Pattern

Free Crochet Ornament Pattern

This ornament is just my style.  It uses up some older yarn that I had leftover and it upcycles some newspaper or flyers. Keeping things out of the trash is something I try to do whenever I can. In fact I think this year I am going to save my Christmas wrapping paper to make these with. 

I updated this ornament with a dollar store sticker. Yep one little sticker which I hot glued onto the ornament and BOOM modern looking ornament with vintage appeal!

Materials Needed

  1. 3 colours of any yarn you want to use. Instructions are given for worsted Weight but I will also give measurements so you can use other yarn if you wish. 
  2. 6mm hook or hook that matches your yarn
  3. Yarn needle
  4. Scissors
  5. Elastic Band

Skills Needed

  1. Single Crochet (sc)
  2. Double Crochet (dc)
  3. Chain Stitch (ch)
  4. Slip Stitch (ss)

Instructions (scroll to the bottom for more pictures)

  1. ch 32
  2. Dc in 3rd ch from hook and across (the skipped chains do not count as stitches) (30)
  3. Ch1 turn, dc in first stitch then dc across (30)
  4. Continue double crocheting every row until you have 16 rows total (this does not include your chain row)
  5. Ch1, cut yarn and pull through to lock in stitches (your pieces should measure 26X26 cm, approx 10X10 inches, size is not critical at all)
  6. Join your white yarn (or whatever colour you like)
  7. Pull up a loop and ch1
  8. Sc in the same stitch then sc evenly around your piece. When you get to the edges, try to put in one stitch for each row but keep your stitches loose or they will pull your piece and make it pucker.  When you get to a corner do 3 sc in the same stitch. This will allow you to smoothly turn the corner. 
  9. Ss to the first sc
  10. Try to make it a number that is divisible by 3. I ended up making 100 sc around my piece. This works out to 30+30+16+16+8. The extra single Crochet’s are from the corners. 
  11. Ch1 and sc I the same stitch ch3 then ss to same stitch as sc * sc,ch3,ss,ss in next stitch* repeat around. My 100 stitches were not divisible by 3 so I actually skipped my last sc.  
  12. Ss to base of first sc, ch1 cut yarn and pull through to lock in your stitches
  13. Weave in your ends
  14. Grab your newspaper or flyers and crumple them into a ball roughly the size of a Christmas ornament. You can also use an old ornament, a styrofoam ball or even some stuffing. Whatever you have on hand is perfect. 
  15. Put your “ball” in the middle of your crocheted fabric and use the elastic to secure it 
  16. Pick up your third colour of yarn and tie it onto your ornament. You will be winding it around to cover the elastic. 
  17. Wind yarn around as much or as little as you like then thread the end onto your yarn needle and secure it by tying a few knots and weaving the end in and out. 
  18. Cut a 12 inch piece of whichever colour yarn you prefer and thread it onto your yarn needle. Push needle through centre of area you wound with yarn and then pull yarn halfway through. 
  19. Pull needle off and knot the two ends of the yarn together. 
  20. Stand back and admire your new handmade and customized to you ornament!

Have a great day from Tracy K.  

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