Free Brindle Cowl Pattern

Allie showing attitude. She really loves to model in her own style. 

My original name for this Cowl was “Crazy Crochet Lady Who Matches Her Dogs Cowl” but that seemed a tad long 😂. Then my oldest daughter suggested “CCLWMHDC” but I decided that was also too long. I settled for Brindle Cowl because my dogs are both Grey Brindle. Of course you don’t have to use grey and tan like I did. It would look cute in any two colours or even with two strands of the same colour. Plus, you can wear it in a bunch of different ways. 

Folded Over
Allie calls this “The Cuddled Up” way of wearing it. 
In this one Allie flipped it upside down and made it cover the area exposed by her coat. 

Brindle Cowl

This pattern is so simple that I hesitate to even call it a pattern. I do love it though and so do my girls so I did decide to include it. 

Materials Needed

  1. 11.5mm – P16 Crochet hook
  2. Worsted Weight yarn in two colours
  3. Yarn needle
  4. Scissors

Skills Needed

  1. Half Double Crochet (hdc)
  2. Half Double Crochet in Back Loops Only (hdcblo)
  3. Chain Stitch (ch)

Holding two strands of yarn together. Make a slip know and tighten it onto your crochet hook. Don’t make it too tight, you need to be able to pull your hook through your yarn loops. 

Row 1 – Ch 27

Row 2 – Hdc in 2nd ch from hook (skipped ch does not count as a stitch)

Row 3 – Hdc to end (26) ch 1 turn

Row 4 – Hdc blo in first and to end (26) continue to end

Repeat row two until piece measures 56cm (22 inches)

Put short sides together 

Sew halfway up the short sides

Then right side out

Voila! A new cozy Cowl that you can make in any colour you want. 

Have a great day from Tracy K. 

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