I See You Blanket

This blanket was a real labour of love. I started working on it to distract myself while sitting in the ICU with my father. He was in the ICU department of the Royal Victoria Hospital in Montreal for 15 days this past summer (2018). Sadly he did not survive the extremely rare form of lymphoma that he had. He passed away only 20 days after his final diagnosis of Primary Cutaneous Aggressive Epidermotrophic CD8+ Cytotoxic T Cell Lymphoma. He was misdiagnosed 3 times before that final diagnosis because this form is so rare. We were told that there have only been 50 known cases Worldwide. My dad was so special that he even got a special type of cancer. To say it was horrible would really be understating my summer. There were some silver linings though. I had my youngest daughter with me and we spent hours in the lake before my father was hospitalized. In a world where technology rules, I consider those hours spent with her to be a gift.

Ok on to the Blanket. I didn’t finish it for my father before he passed away so I finished it over the fall and gifted it to my brother for Christmas. I also forgot to take awesome pictures of it so my brother took a few and messaged them to me, thanks Bro!!

Love you forever Daddy!
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