Tunisian Practice

Front of my little face scrubbier.

Back of face scrubbier.

I’m not really sure why I originally decided not to post unless I was posting a tutorial. I felt like that was all I had to share with the world but really it put too much pressure on me. As you will see if look through my posts, I did not finish my November 1 Skein project. I have lots and lots of finished patterns but was unable to keep up with posting for a few reasons. The first reason is pictures. I am not a good photographer and I really feel shy and insecure about this fact. The second reason is just life happens. If you look at the description of this site it says “a blog about crochet and anxiety”. I suffer from several anxiety disorders and ptsd. In order to manage these diseases I need to make sure I get enough rest and enough me time. Essentially, if I spend too much time out and about then I need to spend some time alone to recharge. November was just the wrong month for me to attemp a pattern a day. Right before Christmas and this year was our first Christmas without my dad who passed away in August. I could keep it up. So if you’d like to learn a lesso. From this post, maybe it can be, don’t bite off more than you can chew. 😂

Moving on into 2019 I’ve been crocheting daily and pondering daily what to post. I have created several “Granny was a Lumberjack” patterns and do plan on a series. Here is a badly photographed sneak peek of my middle daughter posing and making silly faces in my “Granny was a Lumberjack – Cacoon Cardigan”

I love this child’s ability to just be her despite society’s pressures. She’s an awesome model, even in the living room with me just using my phone.

And as a bonus here is me in the next “Granny was a Lumberjack” project. A day to day type short sleeve sweater. Only the top is in the Granny stitch and Lumberjack colours. The bottom is black double crochet. I have worn it many times already and am really loving it. The caccon cardigan is more of a statement piece while the shirt is for everyday wear.

I hate pictures of myself but am trying to embrace just accepting me as me especially so that I can help my kids do the same.

Ok on to the Tunisian practice. I am making face scrubbier for myself and I am just using a regular crochet hook. If you are making small projects there is no need to run out and buy new crochet hooks. Just use your regular hooks to try out Tunisian and see if you like it befor investing in the longer Tunisian hooks.

I followed this tutorial by Just Be Crafty https://justbcrafty.com/2019/03/tunisian-simple-stitch-dishcloths-free-crochet-pattern-and-video-tutorial.html and have found it to be very well written and easy to follow. I am left handed but I’m used to living in a right handed world so I simply do the opposite without thinking.

I did 11 chains but otherwise followed her directions and then I did a single crochet border around. I didn’t block my scrubbie because I’ve never actually blocked anything. I know that I should, it’s just not something I’ve invested in yet.

Have you ever tried Tunisian and what do you think of my sneak peeks?

Have a great day from Tracy K 😁

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