Crocheted Aquarium Decor!

Yes I might be a tad crazy. I have always loved keeping fish but haven’t had any since moving back to SK. My oldest daughter very kindly gave me an aquarium and accessories (including fish) for Christmas. This little aquarium has resparked my interest in keeping fish so I’ve been watching a lot of diy videos on aquariums.

Since I also crochet everyday and crochet while watching YouTube it was really only a matter of time before I thought of this. There is a lot of talk about beneficial bacteria in aquariums and how and where they grow. From what I understand the bacteria does best on surfaces and likes lots of nooks and crannies to grow in. Many people use extra sponges in their filters for this purpose and I do also but something sparked in my brain. Why not crochet some plants and see what happens.

I’m not worried about the yarn bothering the fish. It’s acrylic and cotton. Both substances are safe for aquariums. What I’m curious about is wether algea will be able to grow too easily on the yarn and wether my algea eater will be able to clean it or not. I will watch carefully and probably add some more soon.

Have a great day from Tracy K.

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