Granny was a Lumberjack – Cocoon

And she wraps you in her love ❤️

A super simple and sweet cocoon cardigan made with any hook and any yarn in any size. Yep, that’s possible and I will show you how. 

I used black, red and burgundy yarn to create a faux buffalo plaid look using the granny stitch. I hope you will find this look as fun and playful as I do!

Please note that this pattern is written in American terms and has not been tested. I am just starting out as a designer and currently do not have anyone to test my patterns. If you find an error or need help with something please leave me a comment and I will do my best to answer promptly. Please be kind as I am a sensitive soul 😊

There are 62 steps in this tutorial. So 62 steps until your new cardigan materializes in your hands. I don’t write my tutorials the same way that most other designers write theirs. This is mostly because I personally find some tutorials hard to follow. Instead I try to number each step as you need to do it.

There are more pictures at the bottom of the post. When I inserted the pictured in between the numbers, it ended the numbering sequence and started at 1 again after the picture. This is why I added them at the end instead.

Tools and Supplies

  1. Crochet hook of you choice
  2. Yarn to match hook in 3 colours (or whatever colour combo you like)
  3. Yarn needle to weave your ends in
  4. Scissors
  5. Stitch markers (I often use bobby pins or scrap yarn)
  6. Measuring tape (the flexible kind used for sewing is easiest but you could also use a ruler or pieces of yarn that you measure with a ruler and then lay out where needed)

Terms and Abbreviations 

  • CH = chain
  • SC = single crochet
  • HDC = half double crochet
  • DC = double crochet
  • SK = skip a stitch

How to make your cocoon cardigan

  1. CH 3 with whatever colour you want on the outside of your cardigan and for the sleeves and collar (I used black)
  2. DC in the first chain you made
  3. CH 3 again
  4. DC in the first chain of this chain 3 set ( you should have something that actually looks like chain links starting to form)
  5. Continue chaining 3 and double crocheting in the first chain until you have a piece that stretches from one elbow to the next. 
  6. If you aren’t sure of the size you need because toy are making this for someone else then find a long sleeve sweater that fits that person or ask them what size they wear. Then measure the sweater from halfway up the sleeve on one side across to the halfway point on the other sleeve. 
  7. This sweater is supposed to fit large and slouchy so err on the side of large rather than small
  8. Once you have your starting chain links change yarn colours ( you can carry the yarn up the sides of this project so no need to cut your fist colour, just tie on your second)
  9. CH 1 with the new colour and turn
  10. Make 3 DC in the first loop of your starting chains
  11. Skip over to the next loop
  12. Make 3 more DC in that loop
  13. Continue making clusters of 3 DC until the end of your loops
  14. Change yarn colour
  15. CH 1 and turn 
  16. DC right away (so put a DC into the same stitch as your CH 1)
  17. Skip over to the space between the next two clusters
  18. DC 3 in that space
  19. Continue to DC 3 in the space between each cluster until you get to the end of you row. 
  20. DC 1 in the top of the very first DC you made in colour 2. 
  21. Drop colour 3 and pick up colour 1 ( you don’t want to pull it too tight or you will distort you rectangle so make sure you hold it loosely. 
  22. Pull up a loop 
  23. DC 3 in the space between your 1DC and your cluster 
  24. Continue in this manner changing colours until your piece goes from your shoulder to your hips or as long as you want it to hang down in the end. 
  25. So your rows will alternate between starting and ending with a cluster and then starting and ending with a DC
  26. I made my rectangle 30 inches tall and it reaches just below my hip
  27. Once your satisfied with you rectangle fasten off by chaining 1 and cutting your yarn. 
  28. Cut each yarn making sure to leave a tail
  29. Use your yarn needle to weave those yarn tail in
  30. Lay your rectangle out one a table or bed
  31. Fold the bottom edge up to the top edge and mark 9 inches from each side
  32. Use a piece of yarn and your yarn needle to sew from the edges to each of those marks. 
  33. You now have your sleeves.
  34.  Decide which side is the top and which side is the bottom of your cardigan and try it on. 
  35. Figure out where you want your collar to start and use something to mark that spot on each side.
  36.  I used my waist as the spot to attach my yarn so it is 4 inches down from the seam I just sewed. 
  37. Again this is really up to you. I wanted a cropped look for the front but if you wanted your collar and front pieces to go lower you would simply attach your yarn lower. 
  38. Attach the colour you want for your collar and CH1
  39. HDC evenly around the top of your cardigan until you get to the next marker. 
  40. CH 1 and turn
  41. HDC across to the last HDC
  42. CH 1 and turn
  43. Continue until your collar is as wide as you want it to be.
  44. Mine is 10 inches which was 16 rows.  
  45. You can make yours wider by adding more rows or narrower by not crocheting as many rows. 
  46. If you want your cardigan to have buttons sew some on one side and simply slip them between your stitches to button it up.
  47. I added 3 buttons to mine. 
  48. Find the seam you sewed to make the sleeves and attach your yarn there. 
  49. CH until your chain is 9 inches long or until it reaches from the bottom of the sleeve to your wrist. 
  50. If you want folded cuffs just add more chains
  51. Turn and HDC back up to the place where you attached your yarn.
  52.  SS to attach to the main piece
  53. SS in the next space ( you want to leave enough space between the two slip stitches to equal the height of a HDC stitch)
  54. Turn and HDC back along your first row of HDC stitches
  55. CH 1 and turn
  56. HDC back down to your main piece and repeat your slip stitches ( so one at the base of your current row and one to start your next row)
  57. Continue like this until your first and last rows meet each other. 
  58. Now you can either CH 1 and fasten off or SS along to attach your first row to your last row. 
  59. I fastened off and sewed my first and last rows together because that is what I prefer but it’s up to you
  60. If you fasten off you will need to sew the two edges together with a piece of yarn and your needle
  61. Weave in any yarn tails that are hanging out 
  62. Give yourself a big pat on the back because you are done! 
Caught me blinking!

Happy crocheting and happy life from Tracy K.

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