One Ball Infinity Scarf

I used one ball of Bernat Pop in the colour Cosmic to make this fabulous infinity scarf for my daughter. This is a beginner friendly scarf that looks elegant because of the stitch I used. It could actually be a normal scarf as well because it is crocheted long then seamed to create the infinity loop. In fact I think I will use the second ball to create a second scarf with Pom poms on the end so be on the lookout for that!

The stitch I used for this entire scarf is:

HHDC = Herringbone Half Double Crochet

You can find a great tutorial on this stitch by Rich Textures Crochet here:

Don’t be intimidated by learning a new stitch! This one is simple and looks so polished. One of the things I personally love about the HHDC is how flat the finished product is. Sometimes you want a fluffy, bulky stitch but when you don’t, this stitch is a great option.

Bernat Pop is a #4 yarn but to me it feels more like a #5 so I always size up on my hook when I use it. I dislike stiff crochet fabric for most projects so sizing up allows me to create a more fluid fabric. You can easily substitute any yarn you like for this scarf. If you use a more bulky yarn but still want a scarf about 8 inches wide like mine all you have to do is chose the hook you want to use and chain until you have 8 inches then add 2 more chains. You will do the exact same thing if you want to use a thinner yarn and a smaller hook. So thinner yarn and smaller hook = more starting chains. Thicker yarn and larger hook = fewer starting chains.

For this scarf I just kept crocheting until I ran out of yarn. I did leave a piece to sew my ends together but all I have left of my ball of yarn is a 12 inch piece. Pretty great use of the yarn, no waste!

The final measurements of my scarf are 60 inches(153 cm) long and 8 inches (20.5 cm) wide.

Ok let’s get started

You need:

Bernat Pop Yarn – 1 ball

7mm crochet hook. I couldn’t find a U.S. version of a 7 mm so I would say use a K/10.5 if you crochet loosely and use an L/11 if you crochet tightly.


SK = slip knot

CH = chain stitch

HHDC = herringbone half double crochet


I like to chain 2 then turn and do my first HHDC in the same stitch as the chain. This gives me two things I love. The first is a cool scalloped effect on the edge of my scarf like this:

The second is an easy way to tell when I am at the end of my row. You will see as you crochet that you can always tell where to place your last stitch. I tend to count every row when I crochet but if I get distracted by a conversation or a tv show it’s no big deal because I can still see where to place that last stitch. Bonus!

How to make this scarf:

  1. Make an SK and place it on your crochet hook.
  2. CH 22
  3. Skip the first two chains and do a HHDC in the 3rd chain
  4. Do 1 HHDC in each chains stitch
  5. 20 HHDC for first and every row
  6. CH 2 and turn your work
  7. Do your first HHDC in the same stitch as the chain
  8. Continue like this until you run out of yarn or your scarf reaches the length you want.
  9. CH 1 and pull your yarn through this chain to secure it
  10. Match up your edges and sew them together
  11. Weave in your yarn ends
  12. Congratulations you are now the proud owner, gifted or seller of a beautiful new infinity scarf!

A few more pictures.

I hope you try this easy but quite satisfying project 😁

Have a great day from Tracy K.

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