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A Crafty, Yummy and Creative list from around the World.

Weekend Internet Finds

Happy Monday everyone! Today for the first addition of Weekend Internet Finds I have 10 new crafty and yummy things for you. Some are things you can make and some are inspiration. I am including both Crochet and other crafty things as well as recipes in this list because we all like to look at awesome ideas. I had a lot of fun actually sharing the things I looked at and tried over the weekend so I am going to do a new list every Monday.

I have a pretty sporadic blog history but a little piece of trivia about me is that I’ve been a blogger since Blogger first came out. My first blog was called Florescent Jellybeans and it was a digital scrapbooking site. I shared daily downloads of digital scrapbooking freebies created by me. After a year or so it was just too exhausting to keep it up so I deleted the blog. Biggest mistake I ever made. If I had left it up it would now be one of the biggest digital scrapbooking sites on the internet. But live and learn!!

Find #1

First up I have these amazing Valentine Clay Hearts from My 100 Year Old Home. I am really loving how these look and her tutorial is quite easy to follow. This lady has her phototgraphy skills and her decorating skills on point!! And if your read the rest of her blog she also shares a lot of tips and tricks for bloggers. I love her sharing spirit and I hope you will check out her site and leave her some love!

Find #2

This Crochet Heart Potholder from Erangi Udeshika who is the creater of the Crochet for You Blog. I loved this potholder the minute I saw it and in fact I sat down and made it right away. My version doesn’t have stripes because I really wanted a neutral color but I will probably create some with stripes in the future. I hope you will stop by and leave Erangi some love!!

Find #3

This Reclaimed Wood Valentine’s Banner from Funky Junk Interiors made my day when I saw it!! Donna has an amazing knack for taking things that others see as junk and turning them into gorgeous, and I mean gorgeous, decor. I am so in awe of all her talents. She has also been sharing her personal health journey and how she is working hard to be health. This type of sharing with the world makes my heart feel happy. When people care the world is just a better place. I hope you will stop by and ooh and ahh over her amazing stuff and maybe buy a stencil or two.

Find #4

The Sweetie Pie Collab kit by The Plain Digital Wrapper Designers. This group of ladies is top notch. They are so supportive and really try hard to understand that life is hard sometimes. I’ve been a PDW Designer for many years but have recently had a very hard time creating Digital Scrapbooking Content. Lisa (the owner) has been super supportive and hasn’t even asked me one time when I will be contributing again. She is quite an amazing lady and she has 14 kids. That she birthed herself. I am not even sure how she is still alive never mind a sucessful business owner!!! Please stop by the Plain Digital Wrapper blog to grab your matching freebie and then mosey on over to the gallery, forum and shoppe. You won’t regret the time you spent becasue you will suddenly want to document your whole life!

Find #5

This Amazing Honey Oatmeal Bread from Happy Hooligans. I made this bread to go with some homemade Chicken Rice Soup for Sunday lunch. It was amazing and my son even said that the bread made the meal. My family aren’t huge fans of soup but I’ve been making soup once a week or so since the new year. I think they are starting to appreciate that they can graze on it whenever they want because I leave my instant pot on warm the day I make it. But back to the bread. I always use my bread maker to make the dough and then cook the bread in my oven. I find we like the texture a lot better this way. For this bread I used an egg wash on top (just scramble up and egg in a little bowl and add about a table spoon of water then brush it over your bread before you put it in the oven) and sprinkled some oats on top before I bake it. It was sooooo good. Thanks Happy Hooligans!!!

Find #6

How to sew a Banket Stitch from French Creek Farmhouse. This is one of those things I search for a few times a year. I mean why can’t my brain retain this information? In this case I am pretty happy about it because I found a new site to follow. If you read her About you will see that she belives in creating a life you love. I am all about creating a life I love and helping the world do the same so I immedietly started scrolling and looking at all her other gorgousness. Now go check it out and make something amazing!

Find #7

Coffee Sleeve Mini Journal/Gift Card Holder from Fresh Vintage by Lisa S. Isn’t this cute? I used to post upcycled craft and sewing ideas on my other blog and I still try hard to use what I find around me when I create. I even have a Faux Burlap Wreath pattern right here on this blog that upcycles an old plastic lid. I think I would use this as a journal and then leave it on a shelf for people to look at as they wish. What would you do with yours? If you like vintage and upcycling then you might like this site.

Find #8

Buttons and Burlap Heart in 3 Easy steps from My Thrift Store Addiction. Can I just say thumbs up to the blog name!!! I am also a thrift store addict and the fact that there is only one in my little prairie town is probably a good thing! My husband would probably have a heart attack for real if we lived in a city because I would have access to so much more. I do have a LOT of buttons because I used to live in a small town in Quebec that had an amazing fabric warehouse. The man who owned it gave my kids ziploc bags and told them to fill them with buttons becasue I always bought my fabric from him. Sadly he passed away soon after I moved back to Saskatchewan. Cecilia has many, many more amazaing ideas on her blog so I hope you check it out too!

Find #9

How to make 10 Minute Pillow Covers for Spring by Jen Hadfield of Tatertots and Jello. I have been a big fan of this blog for a lot of years. Back when I was sewing every single day I followed as many sewing bloggers as possible. This lady is so full of stellar ideas that I’m not really sure how she sleeps at night. If your are the type who likes to DIY your own pillows and decor your will love her ideas too! Please go check this blog out because you will not be disappointed! Then pull out your sewing machine and spruce up your life. And I need to say that I adore the “Let’s Stay Home” sign in the background of this picture. I mean I try to spend at least 23 hours a day at home 🙂

Find #10

And last by absolutely not least this Crochet Chain Heart Pillow tutorial from The DIY Mommy. I mean for me a project where I get to sew (cause I would sew my own pillow first!), use my glue gun and crochet is a total home run. How cute is this sweet valentine pillow that really would only take a few minutes to create? My brain is already planning other shapes and colours. Like St. Patrick’s Day is next so bring on the green shamrock crochet chain pillow!!

So that’s my first link list for you. Did you find anything you liked?

Have a great day from Tracy K.

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