Free Handmade Tag – Print and Cut then add to your products!

Today I have some free tags for you to print out on the paper of your choice. Today’s free file was created for printing on white card stock but I think it would be ok on any light colored card stock.

I am working on other colors and styles that will be offered for sale on etsy but I will always offer one free sample from each set. The paid sets will have the tags separate or all the same style on one sheet. They will also have enough options for colors that you can really print on any color card stock that you want.

You could even print them on the blank side of cereal boxes and create upcycled tags. This particular option is one that is very important to me. I have spent many hours creating items that are upcycled so offering the option for upcycled tags is perfect.

To download a full size version click here then save to your computer or device

I hope you enjoy today’s freebie!

Have a great day from Tracy K.

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