5 Easy Ways to add Movement to your day at Home!

Staying busy means different things to different people. I’ve been a stay home mom for 14 years so for me it means adding movement to my day here at home. Did you know that your lymph system is not self propelled? What I mean by this is that your lymph fluid only moves when you move. Blood is pumped around by our heart but our lymph fluid needs our movements to move it around. This makes movement even more important to our health.

Sitting in my computer chair or on the couch crocheting are not great ways of helping my body to be healthy although I personally find they are both great ways of keeping my mind healthy.

I think sometimes we forget that we don’t have to do a whole workout to keep ourselves healthy. I mean our ancestors were not fat and they didn’t go to the gym. They stayed busy and used their bodies everyday. I have found that I forget to move sometimes and this really makes me feel sluggish and ill.

The following ideas are just some of the strategies I try to use everyday to keep myself moving. My hubby has been known to look at me funny when I’m doing some of these things and my kids think it’s funny but hey whatever works!!


The first way is to do something while your coffee brews in the morning. If you don’t drink coffee, then just substitute the kettle boiling for tea or whatever you do first thing in the morning but have to wait for.

When I get up in the morning my first chore is let the dogs out. Then I zombie over to the coffee maker and get my coffee started. These days my coffee brews in 2 minutes but my old coffee maker was much, much slower.

Doing squats, running in place or doing inclined push ups off the counter are all easy ways to add some movement here.


Standing up and doing stretches while you fold laundry. Does the laundry ever end? I guess it really doesn’t but you can find ways to make it a good thing. Try putting the unfolded laundry of your bed and making a point of doing stretches while you reach for things. It sounds so simple but it will add movement and you will notice that it seems to make the chore seem a bit more like fun.


Emptying or filling the dishwasher is just no fun but if you make a game of it and put on your favorite music you will find it goes a lot faster. What I do is put 5 things in and then do 5 squats. Put 5 things in then do 5 inclined push ups off the counter. There are so many exercises you can do here and the timing is really up to you. I chose 5 items and 5 exercises as my rep but you could just as easily do 10 items and 5 exercises to start off. Have fun with it and get creative!


Get funky while you vacuum. This one is so easy and it does make me want to vacuum just a little bit more. I mean it does accomplish two things at once. My floors don’t look like we live in a barn (yes there are times when I’m sure my visitors wonder) and it gets me moving.

This is another opportunity to stretch while you work and if you have cordless headphones I highly recommend music or a podcast. Music just makes everything better but keeping your mind busy with a podcast also helps a lot. When I say podcast what I really mean is a YouTube video that you can just listen to as opposed to watching because I’m not cool enough to know how to actually listen to a podcast 🙂


Do something before and after every bathroom break. This one is new to me and I never would have thought of it on my own. My son has a friend in the Military and he does chin-ups before every bathroom break. I think this is a brilliant idea. I can’t do chin-ups but there are a lot of other body weight type exercises I can do so I am going to figure something out and try to remember to add it to my day.

I hope there is something on this list that you can incorporate into your day and make your own!

Have a great day from Tracy K.

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