Weekend Finds #2 – Links from around the World

Well the past week was cold here in Saskatchewan but over the weekend it warmed up and the Sun came out! Spring is starting to peek around the corner so even though we still have some cold grey days ahead I do feel hope. Winter is a dark tunnel for me, especially Winter’s like this one. Normally on the Prairies we have a lot of Sun but this winter was quite dreary. How has the weather been where you live?

Find #1

Spring Trees Watercolor Painting by Ananda at A Piece of Rainbow as someone who can’t paint but really wants to, I love tutorials like this one. Ananda used a piece of crumpled paper to help her paint and it looks brilliant! The best part is that I can do it! I’ll post my results if I ever make something I am proud of.

Find #2

Travel Time digital scrapbooking kit by Southern Creek Designs. In keeping with my “Yay Spring is coming” feelings today, I added this bright and happy kit for you to drool over. Digital designers work hard for their money so please go check it out if you have a minute. Don’t forget to stop by the Forum and say Hi! and stop by the Gallery to leave some love or just ooh and ahhh over all the pretty pictures.

Find #3

This Jelly Bean Jar Shawl that Jillian from Spin a Yarn Crochet both designed and dyed the yarn for! She not only does a tutorial for the shawl but also one on how to dye yarn yourself with the added bonus of a link to where she purchased her yarn dying kit. How amazing is that? Go check it out and start dreaming of all the colors you could combine for a perfectly you shawl.

Find #4

PROJECT #019: Tribal Wall Hanging | Free Crochet Pattern by Projectarian. I have been obsessed with wall hangings lately. In fact I have a few patterns in development that I hope I will eventually have to the point where I release them I am thinking as Mini CAL’s but we shall see I guess! Projectarian is such an amazing site with some really creative and different ideas and pattern. I love browsing and pretending I have the time and the money to make everything!\

Find #5

Find #6

Crochet Rose Brooches by Anabelia Craft Design. Aren’t these little Roses cute? I know there are many rose tutorials on the internet and they are all amazing. This one caught my eye for two reasons. One, she did a two color version that doesn’t look gaudy! Two, she made it into a brooch and I think that is a great gift idea! She has lots of flowers on her site and sells some really darling flower patterns.

Find #7

Old Fashioned Vinegar Pie by Melissa Noriss. Melissa calls herself a homesteader and blogs about a more sustainable life and how we can achieve it. Her ideas aren’t hard ones and she is so helpful! Check out her site if you’ve ever wanted to know things like How much food do I plant for a year? I haven’t tried this Vinegar Pie yet but I will sometime this week. The ingredients are all things I have on hand with the exception of the pie crust but she says you can use a frozen one and also links a no fail recipe to make your own. I might try the make your own option but I have never really had success in this department!

Find #8

Bohemian Beaded Necklace Free Crochet Pattern by Lindsey of Winding Road Crochet. I love the look of this necklace and can’t wait to try it. For a long time I didn’t have beads because I couldn’t find any at a reasonable price in my town but we now have a $ Store!! Lindsey has some amazing patterns and her site is another one that I just scroll through and wish I could make everything. So creative and smart!

Find # 9

Unicorn Wall Hanging Free Crochet Pattern by Ashley of A Crafty Concept. Another wall hanging! Yep! I told you I am obsessed at the moment. I can certainly get my fix by visiting A Crafty Concept because Ashley has quite a few wall hangings. There is even a Watermelon one!!! And stocking, and earrings and business advice and ideas. The list of things Ashley shares with a smile is a long and very creative one. Please go leave her some love and maybe crochet a thing or two while you are at it 🙂

Find #10

DIY Coasters – The Easy Way by Damjana from Apple Green Cottage. I love all of Damjana’s patterns. They are simple but stylish and almost all of them would make great gifts. She also has a LOT of free patterns which of course I also love. I find her sharing and creative spirit to be quite engaging and always look forward to what she will share next. Hop on over to her site and take a look for yourself.

Well that brings this weeks Round Up to a close. I hope you found a few things you want to go create or bake!

Have a great day from Tracy K.

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