Tag Tuesday – Rainbow Tags

I am seeing St. Patrick’s Day Rainbows everywhere so I couldn’t resist making a few rainbow themed items myself.

Free Printable Tags for your handmade items.

This weeks tag makes me happy and wait until you see it paired with tomorrow’s free pattern and a few other Rainbow things I’ve created in the past. I hope you will be smiling for the rest of the day.

Look at these cute tags!  And they are free too!!

I have two download options. Option one is to download all the tags at once in a .zip file.

Download .zip here

Option two is to download each tag as a seperate .jpg file. Just click the corresponding link picture below

Free Printable Tag for your handmade items.
Free Printable Tag for your Handmade items.
Free Printable tag for your handmade items.
Free Printable Tag for your Handmade Items.

This is what my Terms of Use file which is included in the zip file says:

Tracy King’s (crochetbytes.com) terms of use for free tags

Please feel free to use these tags on things you make for gifts and on things you make to sell.
These are for small scale handmade use only.
Do not sell the tags themselves in any way, shape or form, they are packaging for your products only.

Copyright 2020

Now go make something that makes you happy and if you want an even bigger happy boost, give it to someone who needs it 🙂

To see some pictures of the other style of tag in action visit this post.

Have a great day from Tracy K. and remember Kindness Matters!

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